Wiggers Venture Beat and AI-Based Series Capital

Having been a VC for more than fifty years, Mark Wiggers has gained a reputation for being an innovator and a good deal maker. He’s currently the President of AI-based Series Capital LLC, a venture capital firm that focuses on high-tech investments. He’s also a founder of Wiggers VentureBeat, a blog and podcast about entrepreneurship.

Interests outside of venture capital

Increasingly, startups and entrepreneurs are turning to interests outside of venture capital. These alternative sources of funding offer much needed capital and give founders stronger control over the vision of their business. These alternatives offer flexible funding for a variety of industries, which can help entrepreneurs succeed in a variety of ways

In today’s economy, many start-ups lack hard assets to finance their businesses. This lack of resources makes it more difficult to secure venture capital funding for their businesses. Founders often need funding for specific projects, but they do not want to give up more equity. They also want to avoid limiting their own potential for profit.

One alternative is venture debt. This type of funding is offered by private equity firms and business development companies. The funds are given in the form of a line of credit or a loan. These loans typically come with more flexible terms than venture capital funding. These loans are especially useful for family-held businesses toonily.

Another alternative is mezzanine funding, which combines debt and equity financing. This type of funding offers significant benefits to SMEs, family-held businesses and middle-market companies. 52av

In order to qualify for venture capital, a company must have high growth potential and be able to provide investors with attractive returns. Many venture capital firms invest in high-growth industries, such as technology, healthcare and retail. They aim to exit via an IPO or acquisition.

The Future of Your Company and the People Who Are Involved in It

Having the right startup capital is the key to creating a business. With the right capital, you can start your own company and create your own products and services. But it is not enough to start your own business; you also need to know what your company will be doing in the future. This article discusses the future of your company and the people who are involved in the business. It will also show you what you need to know before investing.


Founded in 2013, Abacus offers AI-as-a-service to its customers. Using AI, its customers can build models that extract intelligence from all of their data. These models can then generate predictions based on data from language, tabular data and vision. Abacus’s customers can also create hybrid AI models, which generate predictions from both vision and language. It has raised $35 million in funding so far.

In July, Behavox raised 100 million USD in a funding round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2. The company’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology generates predictions from language and tabular data, allowing companies to make better use of their data. It also plans to expand its business into China.


The company is a mobile primary healthcare service in Tel Aviv, Israel. Its post-money valuation is $500 million. The company has been growing at an impressive pace, with an average of 35 employees working for the company. It recently hired former Salesforce executive Alison Graham as chief revenue officer. It also hired Julie Simon as vice president of marketing for Asia-Pacific.

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