KickAss eventually becomes an internet sensation, attracting millions of fans worldwide

If you haven’t heard of Kickass yet, you’re in for a treat. This action-packed film is a perfect blend of witty comedy and intense martial arts. It has been praised by many for its realistic portrayals of crime. It has helped many men become better fighters and become better at their craft. The movie is available on DVD, and the English version is available on iTunes and Amazon.

The story follows a teenage boy named Dave Lizewski. He’s a fan of comic books and a geek, but he’s been shut out of the cool kids’ group at high school. He fantasizes about becoming a superhero. After an accident, he develops a high pain threshold. This enables him to fight the villains and saves his life. Kick-Ass eventually becomes an internet sensation, attracting millions of fans worldwide.

The plot centers on the exploits of teenage outcasts who moonlight as superheroes. Kick-Ass is an unlikely hero. He meets a gangster named Big Daddy, who is on a mission to bring down Red Mist and Frank D’Amico, a crime lord. Big Daddy also trains his daughter, eleven-year-old Katie, to become a Hit-Girl nobkin .

Despite the censorship controversy, the film is very well received by critics. It earned the Empire Award for Best British Film in 2011 and a cult following in its home country. The film gained a devoted fan base in the UK and the United States, and a sequel, Kickass 2, was released in August 2013. It stars Johnson, Mark Strong, and Michael Bender. The film was directed by Matthew Vaughn, who also wrote the screenplay .

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