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Is Game of Thrones the Greatest TV Show of All Time?

With jaw-dropping visuals, powerful storytelling and a medieval look, Game of Thrones is the ultimate drama. Its dark tone, heart-wrenching deaths, and shocking betrayals have made it the most popular TV series ever made. However, it does have its flaws. To see the full series, you need to invest in a big-screen HD television.

The violence in Game of Thrones is quite intense, even for a television show. But the show is well-written and crafted, and it respects its source material. The characters are often multidimensional, with internal conflicts and questionable motivations. The show also makes its characters stand out from the pack. Game of Thrones’ plot is so compelling that it trumps many films. If it is not the greatest TV show of all time, it may be the best show ever.

Those who watch Game of Thrones should start by watching the first six seasons. The first season is fantastic, and the cast is outstanding. However, as the show goes on, the quality of the writing declines. The first four seasons of the series are based on a book. The series slowly spirals down into shallow writing, with the last season being devoid of any meaningful content. There are a few notable flaws in Game of Thrones, but the first six seasons stand out for their high quality.

There are other notable shows that can claim to be the best, but a recent poll by Digital Spy reveals that Game of Thrones is a close second. The ratings of the show are unquestionably one of the highest-rated shows of the 21st century, and the majority of the vote came from British viewers. But these polls are not rigorous and are often biased. So, we can’t count on them to represent the collective will of the public.

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