Goldman Sachs Growth and Wiggers Venturebeat Invest in Slync

Wiggers Venturebeat this year, we reported on a $70m investment in Slync, a logistics automation company. Now, we’ve learned that Goldman Sachs Growth has also invested in the company. This will make Slync one of the largest growth equity investments ever made in a single company.

Slync is a logistics automation company

io is a companythat specializes in the shipping and supply chain process automation space. The company has been in operation since 2012. The company aims to improve operational efficiencies by connecting disparate shipping and logistics systems to create a single, unified interface for workers in a network. The company plans to use the money to hire new employees, improve its product offerings and grow its client base.

The company’s marquee product is the Logistics Orchestration, a software suite that unifies disparate transportation and logistics systems into a single, unified interface for workers. The company is currently seeking a series of funding rounds to continue scaling the product and expand its footprint. The company has secured a $97 million investment from Next Transportation and a $149 million guarantee from KeepTruckin, a company that builds and supports shipments and logistics software. The company is also in the market for an investor who will helm the company’s board of directors.

Slync is backed by Goldman Sachs Growth

Earlier this year, the supply chain tech startup Slync was backed by Goldman Sachs Growth. The investment comes at a key turning point in the company’s history. It comes as Slync is struggling to make payroll for its employees.

Several employees haven’t been paid since June. According to a Goldman Sachs Asset Management spokesperson, Mary Athridge, the company is working to get them paid. However, she declined to disclose how much money is owed to employees factnewsph.

Goldman Sachs Growth backed Slync’s $60 million Series B funding round in February. The round was led by Goldman Sachs growth equity arm, ACME Ventures, and Correlation Ventures. The investment is expected to support Slync’s growth in Asia and Europe. Slync plans to make new hires and expand in these markets.

Slync has raised more than $70 million in venture capital since 2017, including its $60 million Series B round led by Goldman Sachs Growth. Its board includes Goldman Sachs’s John Giannuzzi. The board members did not respond to a request for comment.

Slync has also lost its chief financial officer and its chief marketing officer since February. Its revenue has decreased by more than half since then. And it recently suspended its CEO, Chris Kirchner.

Kirchner spent a large amount of money on personal endeavors, including a Ferrari, a membership to an exclusive golf club, and an attempt to buy an English football team. He did not meet a June 10 deadline to complete the purchase roobytalk.

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